Ok, so maybe that second coffee was not a good choice…

‘Cos now I’m awake. I might stay up til midnight just to hear drunk people and ppl tooting their car horns or through other means celebration. LOL

I wonder what would happen if a pregnant lady gave birth to twins, one born in December and the other in January. What is that? I am interested in this matter.

I might watch Superbad on Coll’s laptop later. That movie is the best. Another good movie is Forrest Gump. I like when they are scrubbing the floor with toothbrushes and Bubba is going on about shrimp this and shrimp that. I always giggle at that part. It’s too funny. 😀 Don’t get me wrong, I loooooove shrimp but that scene… XD

So… what’s new this NYE? What are your plans? Gonna stay in the house and get sloshed or maybe a bar to get sloshed? I am having chips and pop at 7. That’s what I’m doing. 😀 I want water. BRB *gets water* Add a squirt or two of the water enhancer and badabing.





2 thoughts on “Ok, so maybe that second coffee was not a good choice…

  1. just stayin home watching Jeff Foxworthy , Larry the Cable Guy , Ron White and Bill Engvall blue collar comedy tour on CMT


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