Meet the Frost twins…

Yes, I said twins. Listen, ok? I don’t have the multiples hack. My game just likes to give my sims twins. This time, I got fraternal twins but they could easily be identical bc they both have blond hair and alien eyes. If they both have the same elf ears we might have a tight race to see who is the heir and who is the spare. Now… pictures…

snapshot c38c06ba 43903b1d

When we last saw Miss Frost, she was pregnant but I made short work by using the TOLAD.


snapshot c38c06ba 83903dad

Here is a rare shot of both twins sleeping…


snapshot c38c06ba 039043ca

Here is Sadie bawling for some reason lol


snapshot c38c06ba 2390453b

Here is Abel, and yepp, I’m attempting the alphabetacy challenge with my rules. The heir/heiress, must have the elf ears. I chose that bc both children have her eyes. If it turns out that both of them have the ears, I will put out a poll for y’all and I want to hear what you think.


snapshot c38c06ba 2390461e

Here is baby Alexandra. I had a tough time remembering who was who when they were babies. lol


snapshot c38c06ba 039049c1

See what I mean about them being identical. Maybe tomorrow I will post the twins in their day clothes. 🙂

Slightly annoyed by the game giving me twins, but idgaf.




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