So… I’m not getting a mac.. I’m getting a Toshiba.

Coll and I found yet another ‘bargoon’ as Colly says. πŸ˜€ I am buying a Toshiba Satillite… I need to buy a mouse and a webcam since I’m using Coll’s peripherals. Epic! πŸ˜› LOL

Colly went out to meet her beau Joe for the first time. I would have gone with her but my bronchitis still lingers. It’s becoming a pain in the arse.

I talked with my brother Doug last night, about our mother and my siblings. It was a good talk. Doug thinks mama’s mind is going. I have to agree. 😦 I just hope that it is normal dementia and not Alzheimers. 😦

To get back to my new (well to me it’s new) computer. I am so bloody happy that it has Vista bc it says right on Sims2 box ‘Made for XP and Vista’. Now I can make some simmies for ya and I can get lots more CC like hair and maybe some camera hacks bc I take bad screenshots LOL.

But I will still sim on my sister’s compy bc that’s where Sadie is. Sadie is my experimental sim, she has elf ears and alien eyes. Sweet! I boolpropped her with Meadow Thayer so… I was going to go with Darren Dreamer but I was too excited about the baby (although my game usually spits out twins… and no, I don’t have the multiples hack.) I am so easily amused. πŸ™‚ Was going to make another Skip Broke just to freak Brandi out. XD


One thought on “So… I’m not getting a mac.. I’m getting a Toshiba.

  1. yanno… hammy needed a camera for his youtube videos , so I bought a cheap $3 camera from the dollar store, it has a built in mic, I have to admit the dang thing works really well ! it just clips onto your screen and is adjustable, I keep it turned to the wall when I am not using it myself , I am always paranoid about those camera hackers lol , as for screen shots , there is a very simply small app called Tiny Take in the Google app store, it’s free, and it takes very good clear screen shots, you can either take a pic of the entire screen or just the area you want.

    I hope you get to really enjoy your new computer πŸ™‚

    Happy New Years πŸ™‚


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