Sleepy Sammi :)

Yeah, I am ready for an afternoon catnap. I saw Jen at the sz team appt today. She is the best. She understands me. My favorite nurse though is Alison. I miss her. I call her Allyboo. 🙂

I just had those mini McCain’s pizzas for lunch… and tonight we are having roast chicken for supper. Noms.

I was playing DDU for awhile on my vita. 🙂 I have the full asteroids and all of the planets. It is a great game. Very strange but cute at the same time. I intend to buy Dead or Alive. It’s a fighting game. I miss my pokemon so… I am going to either get that 2DS or a cheap 3DS XL. Not the new one with the colored buttons but a red 3DS XL if they have it. I think though that I may have to get the 2ds. The XLs cost an arm and a leg. Even the originals do too.

Enough of my kvetching. Donny wants Coll to buy her own computer and I am not getting a Mac. Both my sister and Donny said no… so… I have to listen to my sister… and Donny too.

So, I am going to take that catnap now.



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