I am drinking water and waiting for my sister to get home.

I have picked up the habit of drinking water in copious amounts. I see the sz team Wednesday. I need to see Dr. Brennagh bc I haven’t seen him in ages. Although I don’t have much to say… kind of wasting both of our time … I might not. The only thing I need from Dr. B is a sleeping pill bc lately I have been waking up at like 1am or 2am. It’s usually a bathroom break but after that, I can’t get back to sleep that well anymore.

I am loving my Twitter client on the vita. It’s clean, and responds well to my fingers tapping the touch screen y’know? I love my vita but, I am still buying a 2DS. I don’t care what the critics say. I think it’s cute. I am buying the sea green one. And if I get my GST I can buy lots of eShop cards. I want Pokemon Y (and maybe X too) Maybe the R/S remakes too. But my sister says that there are PS store cards at Max Milk! XD

I will do a vlog very soon. Tomorrow is Monday, maybe Bates motel will be on. Oh yeah.. forgot the supper tomorrow.. ah well…



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