So, today was a rather quiet one. My sister is getting me a peach drink and a bagel with cream cheese. She is the best sister a girl could ask for and I love her lots ❤

I just realized something. I tend to just jumble entries w/o any spaces… so I am going to try and space them out. I want to see that Star Wars movie, but by the time we go to the Gem again, it will not be showing and the Silver City is too far and the taxi ride there does not come cheap. 😦 Barnacles.

Ah well… sh*t happens eh? Yupp. 🙂

I have a Joni Mitchell song in my head but I forget the name of it though.

Now I am listening to 1D. That’s another blasted song I can’t shake. Y’know “Story of my Life”? Yes. *smh*

And now I will see what Linnie is up to. 🙂



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