I am in a quandary… a gamer quandary…

Do,  I get my mac? Or do I get a 2DS? The mac is $300 and the console is $130 rounded up. It makes sense to get the cheaper thing right? But, I think I will get my mac… and then the 2DS. Does that make any sense to y’all? If I save up 3 months checks… plus my GST… lets see.. *checks on Google* I will have enough by March to get my laptop but if I take my January check PLUS the GST, I can easily get the 2DS and then get my lappy in April.. that would be awesome… That way, I can get loads of eShop cards and get Pokemon Z, as well as the other Pokemon games and that is just January’s funds!!! 🙂 I don’t know what to do!!

I need some input from fellow gamers/computer enthusiasts/nerdy ppl like myself. lol

Otherwise, I am in good spirits. It is Hanukkah and I am enjoying it immensely. And soon, 2015 will be done and a whole new year will begin. Coll and I are probably ordering from Il Bistro pizzeria. I want to try their panzerotti. I love me a good panzo!! 😀




4 thoughts on “I am in a quandary… a gamer quandary…

  1. personally , I’d get the computer first, there are plenty of online games that are free to play , I have no idea if google chrome works on Mac , but if it does they have thousands of free games , pretty sure you can find pokemon sims etc all free for mac or pc , you can do so much more with a computer, but then, that is just my opinion . you might want to check out the game site steam.com or the gog.com another game site neither are free, you can buy games and download them from there, but they do have all the classic games, I’d imagine one of them is bound to have pokemon.


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