Tickled pink…

Yep. I finally met a guy that thinks I’m pretty. And he noticed that I was single and not actively pursuing a guy…. Coll says that my beauty drives men to me like flies on a rib roast. She is just the best sister ever. I feel really high right now. I don’t do marijuana but still… I have this happy feeling in my heart after dating some bullfrogs as my sister would say.

Anyways, I think that I will try Neopets one last try. They f*ck things up for me and that’s it. No more stupid head games for this girl.

I love being in love.


8 thoughts on “Tickled pink…

  1. So your living me…..well, everything has an ending. We do end in good terms, so that´s good.
    Congratulations Sam! Keep updated your love story, that type of thing is interesting for the readers


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