I just saw a truck go backwards on my street.

No doubt trying to make a U turn. Still it’s funny to see a vehicle go backwards. We are having a mish mash supper here at home. Gods only know what else….

Shar is cleaning out the fridge I guess. πŸ™‚ What we don’t eat, goes in the garbage so any time we have a surplus of food, Shar serves it up so O

Edit 5:03pm I was right it wasn’t a mish mash but shepherd’s pie. Colly’s favorite. πŸ™‚

I have decided to not give into Donnie and Kathy’s demands. Kathy is a bitch who wants to stick up for her new bf (Donnie)… well my other sister Jamie stood up for me. ❀

I heard somewhere that tomorrow will rain. Win10’s handy weather app is helpful. Light snow on Sunday… we don’t get ‘light snow’ we get a sh*t ton of the white stuff. Gonna be colder than a witch’s teat too. And the winds… gusty. Wunderbar. -___-

I am such a windbag. LOL Sorry if this seems long. I am usually not so verbose but tonight I seem to be Miss Gabby.



6 thoughts on “I just saw a truck go backwards on my street.

  1. at 6 am this morning it was minus 17 here, and a crap ton of snow coming down, to top it all off we have had gale force winds here all day , 94 km’s per hour, if that isn’t enough it rained really hard for an hour before everything froze and the snowfall began. … caused complete and utter chaos on the highway , they had a 7 mile section of the west bound trans Canada freeway shut down as an 18 wheeler jack knifed in the middle of the highway , when it finally stopped it was sideways , the back end in one ditch, the front end in the other… the storm is headed east … y’all may actually get it worse than us here, there is a wicked storm coming up from the USA and this storm is headed east, the news say they will collide over Manitoba then head east.


    • Holy sh*t Batman! I love the prairies.. you guys get the best winter weather. πŸ™‚ Yeah, black ice on the roads! O_O Yeah Butch the farther east you go, you get the cold and the snow. I pray for the the Atlantic provinces. Holy mackinaw do they ever get it! O_O

      Hmm. my sis’s parents are in Manitoba looking after the grandkids. Those kids are the best. πŸ™‚ Not bratty or anything πŸ˜€

      Also, thanks for the heads up.

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