Toots McGee

For the lack of semi-normal subject line… yeah…

I have good news and bad news… the good news is that I am getting a whole new computer. I want WinXP so that my bloody Sims2 bodyshop will work properly.. and also this segues into the bad news. Win 7 doesn’t work well with the bodyshop. It doesn’t even effing load. FML. Amir is being a sweetheart in finding a computer that will be better. 🙂

Ok, I just finished talking to my sister, and we have decided to get Win7 on the Toshiba (not my sister’s machine)  and that is that bc both Coll and I are getting sick and tired of not finding a good computer for me.

And on top of all this lovely crap my grandma has a blood clot in her leg and I’m afraid it’s going to spread. She needs all the praying she can get.

Colly’s behind me reading my post LOL..


11 thoughts on “Toots McGee

  1. windows 7, 8.1 and 10 all have a compatibility component which allows you to run older programs on the newer machines, failing that, you can always download an emulator , what that program does is basically trick your computer into running older software , it emulates whatever old program requirements , its like having a virtual computer on your actual computer .

    there is no support for win xp and hasn’t been for a few years, while it will work online it will struggle with many web pages as they are not designed for old systems like xp , it also leaves you wide open to hackers and viruses etc.

    I would get an old xp computer from a second hand store for 20 bucks and not use it for online, just keep it for playing the old games, playing music and such offline.

    I hope your grandma’s clot dissolves and doesn’t cause any harm.


    • Hey Butch, yeah. My sister doesn’t want me to get XP. I might try the emulator. 🙂 That’s what my friend Randy said .. bc I had an XP a looong time ago, and he told me to get Win7. I find Win10 is troublesome too.

      Thanks … my grandma needs ❤ right now.

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