Zombie night…

I want to see Glenn come back as a zombie! That would be effing sweet. I am so obsessed with this show… just a wee bit loony for TWD. My sister bought me some poutine. 🙂 I ❤ her. I’m starving.

Tomorrow morning, I have to check my bank account bc I think I got direct deposit so… Dave doesn’t have my check so… I will phone up BMO and see wtf is going on. x_x

I found a good e-mail provider. digitalenvelopes.net I lurk in this community for good providers. And most of them are duds or merely good but digitalenvelopes.net is a really good one. Mine is albatrosswing @ digitalenvelopes . net

I am going to update my e-mails that I get from my outlook and maybe my lycos. I also have to update my Twitter and some other lovely crap.

Sam your redheaded windbag.


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