Lovely weather we are having — it’s for ducks and lil old me…

I love the rain, and the thunder and lightening that comes with. It’s because of that mega storm Patricia. We in Canada always gets the tail ends of these storms. I just hope the power doesn’t go out.

Our new prime minister is eye candy… he boxed when he was younger so no doubt he has a great body, but he has a beautiful wife (Sophie) and three kids so I will stop while I am ahead. lololol

My honey (yepp should stop ogling our PM and start doting on mon cheri.) Roman e-mailed me. I love my sweetie so much. Now I need to help Coll find a honey to love. Brian and Don are douchebags from hell.

My sister is going to order me a pizza slice. I ❤ her to bits.

Floating on Cloud 9.



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