Watching the game… Kansas City Royals vs Toronto Blue Jays…

I have mixed emotions when it comes to the Jays.. I like the Boston Red Sox better. The Jays are ok but, they are more of my sister’s thing. Y’know? I love the Red Sox. 😀

Enough about baseball. I had meatballs with rice and corn. Ok, that’s just weird, the Royals pitcher has blue lips! WTF?

I have to re-install the sims plus my CC, bc Colleen tried to get back to Win7.

I love the guys bums. I’m obsessed with that. If you must know I am guy crazy. I have been like that since I was 14. I was told that I am guy crazy. Noms though. LOLOLOLOLOL

I’m drinking water for two reasons a) it’s healthy for you and b) I’m mega thirsty and then c) for my diabetes.

Yeah. 😀 Well even though I’m a Bosox fan, I used to live in Toronto… so… it’s strange times indeed.

Sam the nutty Bosox fan.


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