The common cold and the damage it does to you…

Yeah so Coll’s buddy Donnie is getting over a bad cold… but the thing is, his sister has it still.. and if she gives him the cold again… sh*t will hit the fan. I don’t need Coll getting sick. But she might though from her mama. Mrs. F has a really bad cold. I hope that I won’t get it bc if I get a cold it turns into bronchitis. Always.

I need to help Don recover or make a new eBay account. I am sitting here eating Cool Ranch doritos and drinking water… I need to step up my water intake bc my urine is dark. I know, I know, TMI but that’s just the way I roll.

I have pictures on my vita’s memory chip. I can easily put them on the computer and then onto the web.


One thought on “The common cold and the damage it does to you…

  1. Common? The cold changes every time it finds a host, that’s why there’s no jab for it. Unlike flu which keeps its dna for the entire season, that’s why people can recover from a cold to catch it again. Good luck avoiding it while keeping your friends safe.


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