A new lovely for meeeeeeeeee……!!

Whoops.. ok. w/e eh? Yep. Here is my newest lovely ❤ Love Powered ❤ *waves*

I am just drinking a diet pepsi and relaxing, Tomorrow is bowling. I hope that I can do as well as last week. I got 141 last time so… I want to try harder and get an even higher score. I like to push myself to do better in most everyday life situations.

Melissa gave both me and my sister water bottles. I filled mine with a can of diet pop. 🙂 Tasty and afterwards the water I pour in tastes like my soda. 🙂

I want to get my sister a baseball jersey of Edwin Encarnación for her birthday. ❤ If I can’t in November, I’ll do it in December. 🙂 She does so much for me, I just want to be a good sister to her. ❤



3 thoughts on “A new lovely for meeeeeeeeee……!!

  1. My sister gave me a gift that I had given her the previous year for her birthday hoping that I wouldn’t notice. The year before that, she gave me a hug. You sound like a great sister. 😛


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