Urgh… food coma…

I ate too much over at the luncheon. Too much mashed potatoes and stuffing. Yes, I went to a Thanksgiving do. Too much food, and the turkey put me to sleep as soon as I returned home. We had delicious pumpkin pie for dessert. So I could barely eat dinner.

I had a bit of trouble with the PSN store and my account on the vita but I took a chance on this Youtube video. This guy was a lifesaver!! 😀

I have a great picture of Colleen with Kimmy in the background.

2015 10 06 104921

Do you see what I mean by saying the vita has a better camera over the 3DS? I ❤ my sister. I didn’t expect Kimmy to be in the picture though. XD

I ❤ my vita! My username is xgh0stpupp3tx if you are interested in adding me. Put your id in the comment box okies?



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