You would never guess how good I was at bowling  today. I never EVER got this high b4. I got 141. Yes! I kicked both my sister and Sam’s arse! 😀

Today I am getting my vita. I found one on Kijiji. The seller is a guy called Mike. I can’t believe the price though $125! Good stuff eh? I need a vita for picture quality. I am still going to use my 3DS for b&w pix but the vita has a better camera… and my vita has a square picture size that is all the rage. 🙂

I am super psyched for this. I’m having a terrific day. 😀 Oh sh*t, I have to register for a new PS id. I will do that tonight.

My sister broke up with her leech of a bf. It seems as if both Strawberry and I need to teach this guy how to treat a lady and not syphoning $$$ off of her. He needs to have his ass kicked BIG TIME.

In pokemon news, I am thinking of selling my Platinum. I find that Platinum is too hard.. again bc in the older games you only have the EXP share for only one pokemon where as in the newer games the EXP share is for other pokemon too.

Sam the vita crazed girl. 🙂

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