This royally pisses me off..

I’m in flaming bitch mode right now. I was just washing the dishes and Lorraine told me that that I couldn’t look after children if I don’t know how to do the dishes. I do know how but I had a dishwasher back when I was taking care of my nephew when he was a baby. I raised that kiddo from birth to age 13 when the stupid fucking Children’s Aid, so I know how to take care of a fucking child. Sure Lorraine worked in a daycare but then so did I. And, taking care of my nephew day in day out is something I doubt very highly that she did.

I am like a second mom to that guy. Yes. He’s a grown up now. I am extremely proud of Mathew ❤ I miss him every day, bc we forged a bond he doesn’t share with his real mom. Nope. My sister was AWOL when I was raising Mat. ❤

I just wanted to get that out of my system. Sorry if I didn’t censor my cussing. I told Lorraine off, and that she was pissing me off. Yes. I got into her face. I’m not afraid to get in people’s face.

On a happier note, I found a seller of a vita so… I’m super excited for this. I want to go with my sister to the Giant Tiger plaza to meet this guy. XD


2 thoughts on “This royally pisses me off..

  1. So, basically her logic is that if you can’t do dishes then you automatically can’t do the other aspects of taking care of children? I know dishes are important, but they’re not the only thing you have to do. :/


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