I’ve got a massive headache now…

I don’t know whether or not this headache thing is a migraine or w/e. I hate headaches. Today was an ok day. I am going to the sz nurses tomorrow and I am going to get them to schedule an appt with my psychiatrist Dr. Brennagh bc I haven’t seen him in a dog’s age.

I’m getting tired now, so tootles..


Fuck yes!!!!!!!!!

The Red Sox won!!! Can I have a hell yes? *crickets* Fine, be like that. Man oh man that makes me happy! XD Coll is having lasagna and kale salad. I don’t think that she will like the kale salad though. I have never tried kale but whatever floats your boat eh?

My throat is still very sore. Stupid potato… actually I take that back. *huggles potato* Yes, I will hug my potatoes if I want. *blows raspberry*

I have been hit by the wacky stick yet again. πŸ˜›

I will start over in my Sims2 custom neighborhood. I want to create a sim who’s name I will remember. The thing is, I usually give my sims fancy names.

I think I’ll rest my foot now.


Where are all the bloggers??

Half of my readership is gone. I don’t see them in my reader. Do they not blog anymore??? Does this meam I can finally swear again? IDK… too many questions being unanswered. o_o

I got 86 in bowling today. I won the game, but, I think that the reason for a shitty score is my ankle. Yes. I took 2 tylenol and went bowling. Remember last weeks post saying that I shouldn’t let my ankle get in the way of my enjoyment of bowling? I said ‘Fuck it Sam, you are going bowling’. I’m quite proud of myself.

Tonight is fish and chips night. Although I think that we might have another potato dish bc I don’t think Dave bought fries.


I’m tired…

I’m still in a lot of pain due to my sprained ankle but I can feel it healing. I can walk on it more steadily now. I am getting sleepy… I’m not sure if this is the result of taking two tylenol or my CFS. Whatever it is, it’s working. πŸ™‚

Coll left with Donnie to chill at his place. I am stuck here at home but I don’t mind it. I’m used to solitude. I had spaghetti tonight for supper. Right now I’m killing for a bagel and cream cheese.. noms.

I have a question for y’all, well mostly the diabetics… I went to the diabetes clinic today and the nurse tested my blood and it was like 10. something. I tested it again at dinner and it was 5. something. Now my q is how the f*ck does it go from a ten to a five? WTF????

I don’t get diabetes. I really don’t.

I am going to rest now… I have a headache.


LJ is down…

I wonder if they got hacked again? Oh well.. I have WordPress and quite frankly, I like WP better. My foot is slowly healing for which I am very grateful for. My diabetic scores have been really low these days, like 2 and 3. I see the diabetic clinic tomorrow bc of that. I think this is scaring the staff… particularly Carol.

Otherwise, life is good. πŸ™‚ We are having these massive chicken burgers tonight, Shar said no buns bc the patties are enormous. LOL I wonder what kind of side dish we are having. I hope potato salad. I love my spuds.

I need to get more water. I’m dry as a bone.


Evening Chuckle


A woman went into the local bar with a goose under her arm. Β The outraged bar owner came rushing over. Β β€œWhy did you bring that pig in here?” he demanded.

β€œYou idiot! Β This is a goose!” said the woman.

β€œI was talking to the goose,” said the bar owner.

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This day is flying by! o_o

It’s now 4pm. Soon it will be supper and I believe that we are having mac n cheese! One of my favorites! πŸ˜€ Alright.. enough about food. My foot is still hurting but I think it’s healing thank god. πŸ™‚ I’m listening Β to Fleetwood Mac “Hold me”.

I want to see if I can snag me a Hoopa on both Pokemon X and Alpha Sapphire. Hoopa is fucking excellent. I also want the purple Vivillon. πŸ™‚ That’s why I need to check the GTS. Also I want to Wondertrade some pokemon too. I love the Wondertrade thingy. πŸ™‚


I’m in a lot of pain…

My bloody ankle is acting up, and I can’t have some tylenol until meds time. 😦

Is it just me or does LJ put the kibosh on hacker attempts (perceived or not) to log in to my account? I mean WTF? LJ can be very dense at times. WordPress is better but they don’t hold my damn Gravatar pic.

I just had a nice pork roast, with roasted potatoes and green beans for supper. PORK! lol if you don’t get that, have a link.

I do love me some Monty Python. ❀