Glorious Break


Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Dad's 100th Birthday

I often have a feeling that the topic generator is psychic, mystical, some sort of a link to my writing. Today I got a glorious break, after a week away from the computer, prompts, writing and everything. I was offline spending a week in London to celebrate with my dad his 100th birthday and here is one of the photos. Dad and me in his apartment with balloon and enjoying the day.

He lives in an extra care home, has his own four walls with kitchen bathroom, bedroom and living room and is so well looked after that I can relax. I live in Switzerland, he lives in England. Our normal contact is by phone and once a year when I visit him, usually around 24th September when it is his birthday.

This year was a special birthday, he was 100 years old. He can no longer walk so well…

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