We have a baby!

Babies! Squirrels! Aww!!

Shedding Light


One thing that is a little disappointing about squirrels is that they don’t often show themselves until they are nearly full grown, at least in my yard. (And maybe wisely so, given how Trouble reacted to that little red squirrel.) Over all the years that I’ve lived so closely with squirrels, only a few times have small, most-definitely baby squirrels appeared in my yard. They usually show up when they’re right on the border between teen and adult.

So, I was ridiculously excited when I spotted a baby in the birch tree on Sunday. I tried to get photos but the little guy (or gal) was having such a hard time with traction that I couldn’t catch it still enough. It tried to go down the trunk of the birch head first, which lead to it skidding down the trunk and landing sprawled out in a leafy bush below. Then it scampered…

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