Where are all the bloggers??

Half of my readership is gone. I don’t see them in my reader. Do they not blog anymore??? Does this meam I can finally swear again? IDK… too many questions being unanswered. o_o

I got 86 in bowling today. I won the game, but, I think that the reason for a shitty score is my ankle. Yes. I took 2 tylenol and went bowling. Remember last weeks post saying that I shouldn’t let my ankle get in the way of my enjoyment of bowling? I said ‘Fuck it Sam, you are going bowling’. I’m quite proud of myself.

Tonight is fish and chips night. Although I think that we might have another potato dish bc I don’t think Dave bought fries.



22 thoughts on “Where are all the bloggers??

  1. We do read you post as the come by email too but so busy with Speedy,mum in-law(dementia) and the Hubby and work and then all of Speedy’s blogging stuff.it would be so much easier if I didn’t have to work 🙂 xx Rachel Speedy’s mum


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