I have some pix for y’all…

Some of them are blurry but I took them with my 3DS and my pix suffer from camera shake… bc I have shaky hands due to the anti-psychotic meds I take. So.. here they be.

I like this house. Most of the homes in Newmarket are old and some are new. I like the stripe down the middle.

I’m not sure whether or not this was shot in b&w but this was last week. I have a new blog with no content for b&w pix..

I just had to take this pic, the clouds were pink…

Downtown Newmarket.

A reflection shot over at the splash pad.

A pink car 😛

My grandma. ❤

A pidgeon. Something that my friend Bal hates.

I forget who these two are but they are nice to look at.

Chinese deity. If I’m wrong here please tell me wtf this is.

Camel statue.

Scary Chinese statue.

Now I think this is the Albertosaurus and not the T-Rex.

Another dino

Now this is the T-rex. Awesome. I love this dino. 🙂

Lookit those teeth!

Triceratops head.

My favorite bird…

My friend Maria loves wolves. 🙂

Little dishes. 🙂

And that does it. All of these pix were taken at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum).

Sam the amazing 3DS masta 😛

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