Drinking coffee and feelin’ fine…

I got my hair fixed by Tena but I think I look like a poodle. Here is my pic.

It’s supposed to be a pixie cut…  my friend Laura is a new helper in Tina’s salon.

I might sim, as my CFS is currently not bothering me. I am thinking of doing an ugly family, after I do this alphabetacy that I’m doing right now… I’m on the letter A — a baby boy named Alexander. I will upload pix soon. Plus, my sim’s LTW is to have 6 grandchildren so.. my founder of this legacy will bear more babies. As soon as Alexander toddlerizes then, I will get my sim pregnant again. I’m a bad simgoddess, I forgot my sims name. o_o I might have to do it in window mode so I can keep track of things.

Sam your friendly simgoddess. 😛

4 thoughts on “Drinking coffee and feelin’ fine…

  1. I like it. I think it looks good on you 🙂
    Just be prepared to wake up looking like Sonic the Hedgehog some mornings. It’s usually easy to fix tho. Between washes I used to just wet my hands then run them through my hair. It usually did the trick xx


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