Two new lovelies for me!

ssGuys, say hey to Tom Rains and Gary! Welcome y’all to my tl of doom!

Coll went to Donnie’s again, so guess who gets to do neat shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip? Don’t ask me where I got that shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip thing.. it’s supposed to a better version of the s word. Everyone at bowling was saying it .. it is a funny word.

I might do a vlog… I have two cameras on this computer… so I will record with one of them. Manycam and Photo Roll. Or w/e.. y’know?

That’s sad about Mr. Iwata. 😦 Ninty won’t be the same. RIP. Ahhh well we have Reggie don’t we?

I’m getting a Toshiba lappy, and Coll can have this computer.

Sam your redheaded tech nerd


7 thoughts on “Two new lovelies for me!

  1. LOL on the better S word… vlogging is a lot of work, but fun for the viewers…Yes, sad, he will be missed… Congrats on the Toshi, I have several and they’ve been great computers.


  2. I had no idea what you where talking about in this post until I read the comment of the other person, reason: I have no idea about technology so when you said “getting a Toshiba lappy” I thought you where talking about getting a dog or some kind of weird animal. You got me confused here! Thank God I read the other comment and figured out what the hell I was reading

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