No particular subject.

I can’t ignore my email.i have been doing that bc I am really overwhelmed with wp stuff. I will show you a screen shot of my email acccount @ Lycos.


Yeah.. that amount of emails is too much for me, so I end up deleting my email… thus maybe missing some new subbies. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Your overwhelmed redhead Sam

4 thoughts on “No particular subject.

  1. I get a ton of email like that, what i do is click the delete all button, then scan through the page and unclick the ones I want/need to read and delete the rest, out of a hundred or so I am usually left with 20 to read and respond to. it does get overwhelming at times, I also set aside 1 day per week, usually Sunday, to read emails and respond to comments etc and catch up on the blogs I couldn’t get too during the week 🙂


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