Anyone else see a rainbow stripe thingy up there?

Or is it just me…? Right now I’m futzing around the Internets, trying to find interesting stuff.  I’m dying to play IF games again, you know interactive fiction/text adventures? I used to really play them but I’ve forgotten how to. Dave is here. 🙂 He makes me smile. 🙂

I have to get an external SD card reader to upload my 3DS pix. Luckily they aren’t expensive. 🙂 Oh crapola… they are doing construction on our street.. they better not cut our wires. :/


Your bored Sammi. 🙂

A new lovely :D

Welcome Ian to my vortex of strangeness…

I took a nice long nap and I feel 75% better. Carol is gone and Shar is in charge once more. I’m not sure about us having french fries bc it was on order so maybe… maybe not. 🙂

I think I will go to GOS or Modthesims for some hair CC.

Sam (still Sim Goddess)

Free Verse Friday….The Rabbit Hole Thing

Alice in Wonderland-ish 🙂


I looked through the rabbit hole today

and found a place I’d like to stay for a while

maybe longer

for tea and conversation

Later on sneaking off to find s secret nook

all my own to curl up and draw the sights before me…

the giant flowers with beautiful sunshiny faces and mushroom houses with the lights on in the windows.

After a game of checkers…

The checker board set up on top of a tree stump with two toad stools pulled up to it.

Maybe I should pull weeds from the daisy chain fence but no, ’cause they’re just too pretty too.

I was just informed I’m late

for a very important date….

or maybe pecan or maybe I’m just walnuts.

Who cares? It doesn’t matter anyway…

it’s just a rabbit hole thing….

and life doesn’t always make sense anyhow.

Ok, that’s my free verse Friday hippie poetry lol. Off…

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I got 118 @ bowling!!

It was fun being w/ Coll, Cait, Sunjoo and Mary Anne. 🙂 Coll almost got a turkey! I got in a strike … so yeah.. good stuff. 🙂 Today is fish Friday where we have (usually) fish and chips. 🙂 I think we might have mashed potatos instead though bc the order hasn’t come in for french fries, at least I don’t think so…

I’m going to sim, I need more hair CC… and I might install the camera hack. I want to take better ss. I also want to take my sims on a holiday.

Oh sh*t, speaking of the sims, I am getting (finally) a bank account @ BMO. (Bank of Montreal) and so I can order Open For Business and maybe Seasons and Free Time..

I am happy today! 🙂

Sam (Sim Goddess)

Bowling today. :)

It’s almost 7 am, I’ve been up for roughly 2 hours. I tend to go to bed late and rise early. Our room has 8 windows… so the sun wakes me up. g

I think I’ll catch a catnap and then, go bowling with the girls.


The Post Where I Talk About Sending Razor Blades in the U.S. Mail

Just lol


First, there was my letter to the Bic Corporation.

Then,  they replied.

Then, *I* replied to their reply.

Then, there was a little dull-but-necessary correspondence. (What? It can’t ALL be Shakespeare.)

YOU: “OMG! Stop teasing us! What happened next, Michele?!!?”

Ever the rule follower, I packaged up the evidence and hand delivered it to the nearest postal worker.

Me: (approaching a busy, distracted, painfully-bored-with-me postal employee) “Excuse me. Sir? Is it illegal to mail a razor blade?”

Postal Employee: (suddenly not so busy, eyeing me suspiciously over his poorly-tape-repaired reading glasses as he repeated my question back to me incredulously) “Is it illegal to mail a razor blade???”

Me:“Yes.” (not missing a beat and smiling like an idiot) “Is it?”

Postal Employee:“Well,” (he was clearly stalling for time and scanning the room for the nearest exit) “I guess that would depend on the situation.”


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i am going to the dentists oh joy…

There shouldn’t be any problems, no cavities, I don’t get cavities (lucky me lol) but I get plaque build up.  One of the dentists has the same last name as me. I always joke that we might be related. 😉 It’s funny.

I have sensitive teeth though. I use Sensodyne or Crest. I think I will get ready. I brushed my teeth, now I have to find some socks to wear with my mjs. I look like a school kid with socks and mary janes. 😛