Free Verse Friday….The Rabbit Hole Thing

Alice in Wonderland-ish 🙂


I looked through the rabbit hole today

and found a place I’d like to stay for a while

maybe longer

for tea and conversation

Later on sneaking off to find s secret nook

all my own to curl up and draw the sights before me…

the giant flowers with beautiful sunshiny faces and mushroom houses with the lights on in the windows.

After a game of checkers…

The checker board set up on top of a tree stump with two toad stools pulled up to it.

Maybe I should pull weeds from the daisy chain fence but no, ’cause they’re just too pretty too.

I was just informed I’m late

for a very important date….

or maybe pecan or maybe I’m just walnuts.

Who cares? It doesn’t matter anyway…

it’s just a rabbit hole thing….

and life doesn’t always make sense anyhow.

Ok, that’s my free verse Friday hippie poetry lol. Off…

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