Kelz is my newest lovely!!! XD Enjoy the dark side hon, we have cookies. 😛

I am just waiting on Tena if she comes.  It’s almost ten o’clock..  bowling tomorrow. I am going to kick major butt, I pump i myself up to strive for success.

I might nap if Tena doesn’t come.

A recent pic of me.

Windows 10 is ok but it isn’t for beginners to computer oses. I fixed my computer by taking away the guest account. The problem was the fact that the guest account was bungling my computer.

Sam your redheaded computer geek.


One thought on “Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Not another new version of windows?? Cor blimey!! I am only just getting used to windows 8. Was there a version 9 that I missed? LOL
    Well done for sorting the problem out tho. Tis good to be a geek, methinks 🙂


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