Sorry guys..

I’m on my 3DS, bc our laptop went kaput. I’m talking f*cking viruses, malware, crap like that. So basically I have to get a bloody new laptop.

I wasn’t ignoring y’all. I love every subbie I have. ❤

My birthday is coming up soon. I'll be 41.



6 thoughts on “Sorry guys..

  1. you should always have an antivirus anti malware program on your computer, Avast is a good one, it’s free , AVG is another that is free, and is also good, Norton and Mcafee are good but you have to pay for those programs, if you were relying on the “Windows Security” then it’s no surprise you got all that, windows security is pointless and useless, a smart 10 year old could defeat the windows system. the first thing I do when I get a laptop or pc is turn off the windows security, download Google Chrome ( or FireFox) and dump the windows based browser (explorer) then download Avast, or AVG for the antivirus/antimalware , you just have to remember to hit that update button at least twice per week.

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