So I got tagged to do the Love/Hate challenge. challenge accepted.

Ok, here goes…


Things I Love

1. my bacon and double cheese panzerotti :9
2. Pokemon Don’t judge. I’m almost 41 and I be a pokemon masta.
3. The Walking Dead — this show is the b0mb.
4. Bates Motel. I am not keen on the creepy mother / son relationship however.
5. My sister Colleen. 🙂 ❤
6.That feeling when you wake up early, look at your alarm, and realize you can sleep for another hour.
7. Kittens
8. Link from Zelda — what a hottie love the elf ears… which brings me to…
9. Elf ears ❤
10. Everyone who reads my blog.

Things I Hate

1. People who leave their children/pets in the car to die. 😦
2. Kurt my strongest voice
3.  Domestic violence. NOT RIGHT.
4. Insects of any kind.
5. Controlling people who try and control me.
6. The last slice of pizza and the argument that follows. Who gets it.. that sh*t.
7. Leonardo DiCaprio’s choice of gfs.
8. Gardening.
9. Fire drills at night in the winter.
10. Cold coffee.

Bloggers I Challenge

~ Colleen (my baby sister)

~ Strawberry

~ Dino

That’s all I got for now.


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