Pokémon Announces Super Mystery Dungeon

I am not esp fond of the Dungeon series but…

The Nintendo Nerd

Here’s a nice surprise: today Pokemon announced a brand new game in the Mystery Dungeon series called Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. The game will be on the Nintendo 3DS and the press release says that you will:

“Battle alongside Legendary and Mythical Pokémon to save the world from a crisis in a tale of unprecedented scale.”

Aside from this, the only other thing we know about this game is that it’ll be released in Winter of this year. However, the press release on Pokemon.com does say that more information is soon to come.

Until Then,

-The Nintendo Nerd

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The Coon Hunt

Roscoe Holdaway climbing a tree after a raccoonNotice the scarecrow man climbing the tree.  This is my grandfather, Roscoe Holdaway.  He must have been at least seventy years old at the time.  The only thing that would have induced him to climb that sapling would have been the dead raccoon he’d just shot  hanging on the branch high above his head.  Note the rapt attention that coon is getting

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Never Say Never

Funny stuff

No Cigarettes, No Bologna

In my pre-child years, I had a long list of things I swore I would never dowhen became a mother:

  1. Yell
  2. Scream
  3. Cry in the bathroom
  4. Threaten
  5. Bribe with candy
  6. Power walk
  7. Drive to school in my pajamas while drinking coffee from a regular (not travel) mug.
  8. Wear a bathing suit with a skirt.
  9. Swim Mommy Stroke Style (wearing sunglasses and/or visor)
  10. Lick my fingers to wipe dirt or peanut butter or whatever mystery substance is crusted to my kid’s face.
  11. Extract a booger with my bare hands.
  12. Extract a poop with my bare hands.
  13. Catch vomit in my bare hands.
  14. Pop a zit that is not mine.
  15. Go on a house tour wearing sock booties.
  16. Wear clothes based purely on warmth
  17. Not wear certain clothes because it requires complicated undergarments
  18. Sing loudly to Hall and Oates while grocery shopping
  19. Sing loudly to Foreigner while waiting in line at…

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I have a new lovely! :)

Welcome to my tl of doom Andrada! 😀

The planes are really flying low these days, I just heard one go by. I hate diabetes. You must test your blood, watch what you eat (which I won’t lie to you and say I do.. it’s bloody hard. D:) and exercise a lot. 😦


We are having hotdogs for lunch today 🙂 I like the super dogs, you know the big arse ones? Yepp.  I am pretty happy today, I just discovered how to do videos on my mac, so I can do vlogs and unboxings. 😀

I am going to see about getting that vita @ Microplay… I love the PS vita. 😀 They are the best. 🙂 I think that I need to register for a new account with PSN though. Ah well..


If You’re Ever Feeling Ugly

Just a funny post. 🙂

cappy writes

Maybe you look in the mirror and notice that your chin hair (mine’s named Vern, so don’t be ashamed of yours) is growing back with a vengeance. Maybe you have a huge zit right in between your eyebrows, and it’s totally blocking your third eye. It’s possible that your butt grew two sizes overnight (sort of like the Grinch’s heart but in a really inconvenient butt way) and you suddenly can’t even fit into your sweatpants. Or perhaps your lips are so chapped that they’ve ripped apart and you can see the earth’s core in them, the cracks are so deep. Maybe your hair, which is typically voluminous and bouncy like a perpetual shampoo ad, is sticking up in 50 different directions and the when you try to comb it your brush gets stuck and now you have comb hair which isn’t even in style right now…

In any case, here are a few…

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It’s 12:12am

And, I’m still up. It is so f*cking hot in our bedroom. I’m just posting this from the dining room. I need to go to bed. If we had a fan maybe then I could sleep comfortably. I’m going to go to bed anyways… I’ll roast…

Sam your strange giirly.