It’s been a looooooooooong day…

First off we went bowling (I got 92) and then we went to Donnie’s bc our home was being fumigating the house for flying annts, and w/e else they were looking for. Then Coll treated me to lunch at Econo’s and we ate on the patio. 🙂 Donnie had pizza, I had poutine, and Coll had a breakfast wrap. Then, after that we took a walk down to Fairy Lake to see the mallards. I got a glimpse of the baby ducklings. They were sooo tiny… I almost died from cuteness. I have pictures. I am going to open a Photobucket account and drop all my pics in there. 🙂

Right now I’m relaxing and waiting for Coll to return home. 🙂


Update at 6:35 pm

Here is the link to my photobucket.


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