I have a new lovely! :)

Welcome to my tl of doom Andrada! 😀

The planes are really flying low these days, I just heard one go by. I hate diabetes. You must test your blood, watch what you eat (which I won’t lie to you and say I do.. it’s bloody hard. D:) and exercise a lot. 😦


We are having hotdogs for lunch today 🙂 I like the super dogs, you know the big arse ones? Yepp.  I am pretty happy today, I just discovered how to do videos on my mac, so I can do vlogs and unboxings. 😀

I am going to see about getting that vita @ Microplay… I love the PS vita. 😀 They are the best. 🙂 I think that I need to register for a new account with PSN though. Ah well..


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