Good evening everyone…

Have you ever seen the aurora borealis for yourself instead of pix on the web? I have and it’s really something. All the shifting hues of blue and green… stunning. Grandma asked me if we can see it here and I told her that in order to see them, we’d have to go where there are no light pollution and that we’d have to go up north further.. I’m talking about Collingwood or something like that.

Just wondering, y’know? Actually I have no clue as to why my mind seizes these weird ideas/thoughts…

Right now, I’m blogging and listening to Lobo ‘Me and You and a dog named Boo’. I love that song. 🙂 The bus to the social just came and went. I’m not really what you’d call a social butterfly, nor am I a wallflower, I’m a mix y’know?

I can’t wait for the Walking Dead to come back, Bates Motel too. Those two shows are the best.  I think Longmire is still on. That’s good too. I am addicted to Storage Wars. All 3 of them. Cali, NY and Texas.

I wonder what is for evening snack.. it’s usually a piece of fruit which is fine but I’d love a yoghurt y’know??

Sam your tired redheaded windbag.

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