I just had dinner — burgers with potato salad and beets. I believe I told you this already. My short term memory sucks. I was in a car crash, this dimwit decided to crash in me when I was mentally ill and walked into traffic, now thanks to that b*tch, I have panic attacks when crossing the street.

I’m thinking of making a new blog that where I could swear all I want. I probably go on tumblr and make one. If you are interested and are on tumblr  add me I’m

Right now there is f*ck all. So just wait… it will have content.


Sam the tumblr freak.

5 thoughts on “Noms

  1. Whoa, someone hit you when you were crossing the street?! When did this happen? Was it recently, or years ago? I’ve never had an experience like that, but I always run across the road when I have to cross it and tend to feel a little nervous. I guess it’s because I don’t cross the street very often, and I never have crossed the street very often. Maybe if I did it more it wouldn’t be so bad…


  2. I’ll add you when I’m at work. My phone is an idiot. People who can’t drive are idiots. I hope she learned her lesson. Or he. -hug-


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