Granted, You Are My Readers

Funny sh*t!

In My Cluttered Attic

the thinker

I suppose it was inevitable, that someday I’d have to write this post, as opposed to dictating it to some secretary I can’t afford to give a bonus to, for not being there in the first place. But, someone recently wrote to tell me that they felt I had been taking my readers for granite.

monkeyAs a result, I’ve been forced to give the matter a little thought. At first, I was not quite sure how to take this accusation. I mean me, the guy who always writes, responds, and follows no more than 1% of his readers? Take my readers for granite? Never!

Were they expecting me to take my readers out to a rock quarry for an outing? Did they feel my many readers were nothing more than  sculptures made out of stone, marble, or alabaster? Or were they just trying to insult me, by suggesting that my…

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