She Told Me To Shave My Arms

Just a funny poem. 🙂


She told me to shave my arms
And she would consider me
But down by the harbor
I saw her with another man
“I shaved my arms for you” I said
“So did I” the man with her said
And she pointed first at him then at me
“What’s that supposed to mean?” I said
And he got up giving me a tough look
“What? You are going to fight me?” I said
“If I have to” he said
“You have to” she said
He went to swing at me and I grabbed his arm
And using it’s momentum twisted him to the ground
And locked his arm so that I was posed to break it
“No” he said “let me go.  It hurts”
“Should I break it?” I asked her
“Yes” she said
I leaned in on the arm putting more and more pressure on it
Until it broke…

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