I have to get my camera from my sister…

Since the mac doesn’t have a memory card slot, I’m going to transfer all my pictures on her computer and upload them that way. 

I need to get some water into me.. I am really thirsty. Coll left for church but I think the service she had wanted is over… the 8:30 mass. Ah well…

She and a few others are going to Bob’s after lunch. Bob is a good man. 😀 He loves his drums. XD

I wonder if I should get a 2DS or a vita.. I gave my vita to Donnie for being a total sweetie to my sister. ❤

Well, I need water soo..


Sam your redheaded windbag 😛

4 thoughts on “I have to get my camera from my sister…

  1. I’ve been thinking about buying a small gaming console for myself but, then I remember every time I had one and it’s SOMEWHERE at my fiancé his parental home….. Oh well. 😦


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