I’m beginning to lose control of the notifications… is it time to get a new e-mai addy?

I just can’t deal with all the notificatiions…

I’m not sure what to do… besides get a new e-mail address. I think Yahoo with it’s terabyte thing. Or back to Gmail… does any one have any idea what to do with the volume of notifications…

Feeling overwhelmed


A new buddy here…c

Let’s welcome Blunderdad to my tl of doom.

I can’t sleep, so I’m on here. 🙂 I think after this I might post in my DJ for something to do… until I feel tired again… tomorrow is Saturday… and I’ll be simming tomorrow. I want to find more ppl on both WP and DJ that like to sim too.


A new lovely

Say hey to my newest subbie The Darkest Raven … Welcome to my tl of doom!

I’m freezing in this bedroom. I want to turn on the heat but David says no. Ah well, I’ll just be a redheaded popsicle… speaking of such food, I am craving a creamsicle. I went to Don’s friend Bob’s house and watched a movie, it was like Cry of the Wild or something like that. ,

Anyways, I want to just relax.


Do not try this at home…

When I was a kid, my friend Charlene would invite me over to her farm. Now, one day my friend’s dumb arse of a brother said there was a baby bear and would we like to see it  so off we went but, we hadn’t counted the mama bear being there… I can hear y’all saying “Oh sh*t!” And oh sh*t it was, She was a Kodiak bear too. So I started running like mad through a corn field and into the cow barn, where I tripped agh nd got covered top to bottom with cow patty. I stunk to high heavens. I will never do that again.

F*ck that noise.


It’s Always Been You

Good stuff!

Sleepless Warrior


Every word
Every sentence
Every paragraph and
Dotted lines
I think of you
All the time

The phrases
The rhythms and
Each syllables are made
Of our memories
I long to bury for
So many nights

Each scraps of paper
And deleted letters
Are words unuttered
Because of too much pain
That needs to be
Lost and forgotten

But each bleeds of my pen
And every curve of
My alphabet is
Still screaming
Your name
Reminding me
It’s always
Been you

Ethel Beckett © 2015.Brisbane

Image excerpt from: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-knHU_kKdN8g/UOmbJh904ZI/AAAAAAAACS8/JhDczjjqpBY/s400/Escrevendo+Carta+%281%29. jpg

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