I am super excited and trying to wait for Friday when I bring my mac home. If y’all are sick of my mac posts, you can leave now. No harsh feelings. 🙂 I know, like putting myself in your shoes, I’d probably would click that x up there… or maybe not.

Today was a quiet day.  Coll brought Donnie home for a wee visit, and to set up his FB account. I kind of gave up on  FB. It wasn’t my cuppa, if you know what I mean.

I just found a letter from Marie a friend I made at the diabetic clinic, and I was touched bc she said that I was a good role model or something like that.

My short term memory loss is not helping things. Tomorrow I see Dr. A at the diabetic  clinic. hopefully I will be put on this new medicine that will bring my sugar down and help me lose weight. There is one side effect which is peeing a lot… which could be an issue bc my bladder is already  weak..

My sister is coming back soon. She is at a church supper.

Sam your redheaded winbag.

4 thoughts on “So…

      • Well I hope it works. I’ll think good thoughts for you. One of my younger brothers has diabetes, and is always reminding me of how tough a problem it is to deal with. He says he always has to be so careful about what he eats, and exercise.


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