Rotten in the State

Makes a lot of sense. 🙂

The Oddity Writer

So recently, I’ve been noticing posts like these here and there concerning an old, festering problem. Since about… I want to say approximately August 2014 (but it may have lasted longer), a troll has been plaguing Opinionated Man and consistently attacking him with posts concerning about how he is a “cyberbully” with “spam followers.”

Source: (Let me know if you want me to remove this, OM. I'll understand.) Source:

Despite the eloquent opinions expressed above, I’m here to add my own two cents to this.

When OM mentioned this hothead agitator (I won’t dignify him with his proper name) for the first time from my point of view, I had just returned from a rather long hiatus from WordPress, and there was a lot of commentary centering around the attacks. There was a part of me wishing to break in and rant, but I held my tongue. I felt as if the problem would eventually die down, and that in the heat of the moment, he was…

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