Just Chilling…

Very good poem.


Sitting on a cool brown bench
time passes by and I´m looking at the sky,
I wonder….boom! I’m hit by thunder.

Damn! It’s 9:30 a.m and my medic will receive me at
11:30 a.m , what a freaking sham, I still don’t know my
way around, so I was bound to get an early bus just in case
later on there was no more, seems I got that wrong-score.

Know I know and…..sitting on the bench, writing on my booklet
my outlet….and looking up to the sky I wonder why,
“Why the hell did I get so early here!”
Just sitting and looking at the atmosphere, quite interesting I might say
in this way, that at this hour there are only walking humans over 100 years
of age and they seem to be turning page after page these bastards.

I can hear it, I can hear it !!!
The sounds…

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