At The Party

Weird weird and yet more weird. Sorta like me? LOL


At the party
I looked for my friend Melvin
And found him in the corner talking to a girl
“Hey” I said
“Hey ohellino!” Melvin said “this is Cherry”
“Hi Cherry” I said and we shook hands
“What is going on?” Melvin asked me
I looked him in the face to see if he wanted just a short answer
Or something closer to truth
But I couldn’t tell
“I’ve been writing” I said
“Writing?” Melvin said
“Writing what?”
“I’m writing a book about someone who willingly, magically and violently loses his hands”
Cherry grimaced
“What?” Melvin said “that sounds weird”
“Yeah” I said “it is”
“Myself” Melvin said “I’ve been working some Power Metal tracks with Dan”
“Yeah?” I said “you got anything up online yet?”
“Nah.  Do you have any of yours up?”
“Yeah.  I haven’t done anything recently except some work with a friend on a few…

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