You Do Too Many Things



“You do too many things” I said “and you’re too aware that I’m writing about you”
Gareth went into the bathroom and closed the door
There was the muffled sound of a violin
“What the – ” I said getting up and going over to the bathroom door
Then suddenly the violin stopped
And there was a thud on the door and something sliding along the floor
“Why do you have a violin in the bathroom?” I asked
Gareth opened the door
He had a whip
He pulled back and whipped forward but it got all caught in the door
He came out to get me
“Get lost” I said “I’m writing”
After cracking the whip several times he dropped it
And began peeing in one of my planters
“Hey” I said “don’t pee on the spider plant you’ll kill it”
“Nah” Gareth said “it’s good for it”
“It’s not…

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