Will You Write A Poem For Me?

Very funny…


“Will you write a poem for me?” the pencil sharpener said
“I’ll write a poem about you.  You’ve never spoken before!” I said
The pencil sharpener looked at me sadly
“Will you write it for me?” it said
“I guess.  What do you mean for you though?” I asked
“Just don’t say anything bad about me”
“You aren’t bad. So I won’t”
“And don’t mention” it said leaning close and whispering “what I do to pencils”
I was confused
“What is wrong with what you do to pencils?” I said
“Shhhhhh” the pencil sharpener went and then whispered loud “there are pencils over there”
I looked at the pencils
The pencils were having a soccer game
One of them stopped and looked over at me and waved
It was my favorite 6B.  I waved back
“Listen” the pencil sharpener said “just write a poem that makes my good points shine”

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