What Do You Mean You Got A Job As A Pillow?

Funny 🙂


“What do you mean you got a job as a pillow?” my father said
“Well as you know” I said “I’ve been gaining a lot of weight – ”
“Yeah I’ve noticed.  You’re obese”
“Yes” I said “you also know I recently lost my job”
“Yeah.  What about this new job?”
“Well I got a job as a pillow”
“What does that mean though?”
“Well for five dollars an hour I let people sleep on me”
“I have a client tonight who needs a good nights sleep before an exam”
“What do you do?”
“I just lie there”
“How long?”
“Well tonight my client needs me eight hours”
“Don’t you get hungry or restless?”
“Well I have my tablet and my book and food”
“You’re allowed to eat?”
“Yeah” I said “tonight my client requested I eat because my indigestion gives him better sleep”
My father rolled his eyes

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