Stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey…

I had a lot for lunch, I had like 3 buns, ham, scalloped potatoes,mixed veggies, and a lemon meringue pie slice, and just now a vanilla cookie and then for dinner we are having some sort of casserole… So… I’m stuffed. Plus my sister is bringing munchies home from Max Milk.

In pokemon news, I gave  Alex my 3DS and Pokemon Y. The reason behind this, he was enjoying so, I gave him the console. In a few months, I will  buy a 2DS… actually 2 2dses. One for me, the other for my sister should she wants it. Then I’m going to download  X&Y plus Alpha Sapphire. I like downloading my games because it’s easier than going to Gamestop or Microplay for the physical game itself.

Does anyone remember  the ridiculous prices for Pokemon games in the past? Like $70 for Emerald? I do. I will not pay 70 f*cking dollars for Emerald (plot twist *shoves foot in mouth* I bought Emerald for that amount.) So… in the next few months I am buying game cards so that I can download my wanted games. 🙂

I need more water…. ok. Got some.:)


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