Last night I faced one of my fears..

Last night I walked down to the library to get my taxes done and holy sh*t I’m getting a LOT of money back.. but I digress, lets go to the walking by myself thing. I get paranoid about going out side but yesterday I was fine. I actually faced my fears! 🙂 I walked there AND back on my own.

In pokemon news, I definitely want Hoopa. I will google to see about catching her. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Last night I faced one of my fears..

  1. Thank you for following my blog. I try to focus on faith, writing, and health, but end up with an eclectic mess.
    The next time you feel afraid, grab hold of Jesus’ hand; take him with you on your walks. I always feel closest to Jesus when I am outside. Don’t know why. There’s no sense to it that I can see. God is both inside and outside. When I worked as a Home Health nurse I prayed almost constantly. I needed God at my side for safety, wisdom, and comfort. Some of my patients requested prayer. I had my life threatened several times so you know I kept God close!


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