Happy St. Patricks day….

It’s also my mama’s birthday, but Idgaf. She started the circle of phooain — leaving me when I needed her her love. Instead she gave me up for adoption, And thus sending me to a very abusive foster home.  So, f*ck her.

/pity party over lol

We are having a wind storm right noe w and I can hear someones wind chiames ringing. I should go outside and just shoot some stuff. Coll & I have a digital camera but Coll has claimed ownership LOL That’s ok. I have my vita to shoot pix… I also have a 3DS XL.

Speaking of 3DSes, I am going to give my 3DS XL to my baby sister, and get me a 2DatS. I hate the 3D feature. :/

Signing off (for now lol)

TRW “That Redheaded Windbag.

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